Viser arkivet for stikkord lifespan

Irrational intelligence.

We are all irrational, no exceptions. What varies is how we are irrational, and what we are irrational about. Before we act rational despite [insert reason for not choosing the rational option], in every case, we can not call ourselves an intelligent species.

We smoke tobacco despite the fact that it will shorten our lives. We drive fast despite the fact that it will on average shorten our lives. We drink and eat unhealthily despite the fact that it will shorten our lives with as much as 40 years. We do not stop climate-change, despite the fact that it will kill humans. We do not map the asteroids and meteors in the solar-system despite the fact that asteroids and meteors hit earth every day and time and time again kills entire species. We do not put as much effort into curing disease as we are able to despite that disease kills 155 000 people a day. We do not care about long-term thinking despite it always biting us (see drought in USA, floods, deforestation, climate change etc, when it is not a problem we don’t care and when it becomes a problem we can only throw money at it to try to fix it, which rarely works). We do not donate as much processing-power as possible to medical research projects like folding@home and GPUgrid despite the fact that it will statistically extend our lives by atleast days no matter how bad your computer is. I could go on forever, but I am not rational enough to bother mentioning more examples despite the fact that it will extend my life to convince more people that reads this to install folding@home or BOINC programs to donate their computers processing-power to medical research. My irrational reason for not mentioning more examples is that I assume you will likely not be rational enough to do something that only shows clear return on investment half a century from now (because I too have problems sticking to only doing things that make me live a longer and healthier life than the alternative actions).

The next divide. The yoke of short lifespans.

All throughout history society has been divided into those who has more than enough to survive, and those that dont have more than enough to survive. The next divide can make this old wealth-divide far less prominent in well-regulated nations (for example nations with free healthcare). But it can also make the wealth-divide even more prominent if the correct laws are not in place.
The next divide will be age. Les mer…