Viser arkivet for stikkord genius


What is intelligence? I propose an answer to this question.

My definition of free will opens up a new possibility for what is and is not correct to do, to conclude, to believe, etc. My definition of free will is: Free will is to use an infinite amount of energy deciding what to do or what is true. Or using a system that gives the same result as spending an infinite amount of energy deciding what to do or what is true." -
Clarification: “do” includes thinking, saying, etc. And “true” includes what is false etc.
Compared to a decision that resulted from an infinite amount of energy worth of thought, any other decision is quite unlikely to be the better decision of the two. So we can assume all thoughts, conclusions, decisions, opinions, beliefs, are not correct after they occurred. The second after that conclusion have been made, the amount of energy spent on the problem goes up by some amount of energy, and so there should be a better conclusion available in the second after the conclusion was made.

Now, from this idea, we can make a few usefull conclusions:
1. intelligence of a species can be measured in how many joules of energy the brain of the average individual consumes in an average lifetime. The recording of the results of spent energy is preservation of intelligence and the cause of civilization (books).
2. Genius is the individuals in a species that make the best decisions, conclusions, thoughts etc, in the present moment. But they are not nessesarily the most intelligent, as intelligence is measured in joules (if the genius spend little time thinking, a genius is less intelligent than someone stupid thinking a lot).
3. The result of the scientific method that makes it such a powerful tool, is that it makes geniuses and everyone else, spend more than one moments on a particular problem. A dozen hours of thought about a problem by a fool might be better than a knee-jerk thought from a genius.
4. Wisdom is to use this energy that the brain consumes, on the right problems, and to think as much as possible.

Clarification: Infinite is never ending, its not a real number. You add one, and then add one, and then add one, forever. without stopping, ever.