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How to get 50 years of peace between the superpowers.

The way to peace is economic dependence. To quote Penn and Teller, the reason they don’t kill each other no matter how angry they get at each other, is because then there would not be a Penn and Teller show anymore and that’s their income. Therefore, if the superpowers are financially intertwined in trade of products and services, then there will be peace.
One major new industry that is being built as we speak, is rejuvenation biotechnology. This industry is going to rejuvenate people on a molecular level so that they can remain young and healthy and importantly able and willing to work instead of retiring. This cuts the pension costs for all governments, if implemented on a national scale, and also brings in more taxable income because people stay in their jobs. People also don’t need medical treatment for the diseases of aging if they’re biologically young, and 90% of the (industrialized) healthcare costs are due to the diseases of aging. Another cost that is reduced to the nations who implement rejuvenation biotechnology on a grand scale. How this is done, is all up to the scientists to decide and figure out. But it will happen. It is happening.
What the nations of the world have to think about, is which one of them will be the major manufacturer of rejuvenation biotechnology for the next five decades. That nation will be able to sell this at a massive profit and turnover, on the scale of todays nations’ healthcare budgets. The other nations will save equally as much in healthcare and pension costs by buying rejuvenation biotechnology and giving it to their citizens for free in return for paying normal taxes, and therefore they will be economically inclined to remain at peace with the manufacturer of the rejuvenation biotechnology, and the manufacturer of rejuvenation biotechnology will be inclined to remain at peace with their customer nations.
Other emerging industries are of course also important, but nothing is quite as valuable as remaining young and healthy. After all, if you have time, any disagreement can be solved eventually, if only you have enough time.
If you feel like you want to delve into this industry with scientific citations and everything else you need to be informed, read the book ISBN 9780312367077. Even none-biologists should be able to understand it, and there’s lots of citations for future fact-checking. There’s essentially seven aspects to the aging process, some of which are already heavily funded by industries, for example stemcell therapy to replace lost cells (losing cells over time without replacement is one aspect of aging). But not all aspects of aging are equally far ahead in the industrialization process. I would therefore support Sens Research Foundation, they are tasked with supporting the least supported aspects of the aging process. To produce results that encourage capital investment in developing the first treatments that rejuvenate those aspects of the aging process that aren’t already being done.
For your information, the diseases of aging include but are not limited to; Cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes 2, Parkinsons disease, Alzheimers disease. In fact, we’re already spending billions on stopping these things, but they are tasked for things which don’t specifically do rejuvenation. As far as I know only Parkinsons disease is currently being given huge sums of money in order to be rejuvenated by the use of stemcells (Parkinsons disease is caused by loss of cells in the brain, replacing the lost cells cures Parkinsons). Whereas the rejuvenation version of cancer treatment is virtually unfunded, even though cancer drugs are a huge development area with lots of funding.
If you happen to be part of a government body then these things needs doing; Your nation needs the laws and regulations to be able to use rejuvenation biotechnology treatments once they arrive on the market, to encourage capital investment. You also need to encourage capital investment, especially in the aspects of the aging process that don’t get lots of funding to begin with. You also need education which produces capable workers for this industry. Some funding (or at least cheap loans) for students choosing this particular education would also be good, or the best minds might choose education that has far greater paychecks in order to repay student loans. You also need to do estimates on your future healthcare and pension costs due to the diseases caused by aging (which diseases are explained in the book), you will like most other nations realize that you will go bankrupt if those estimates are left to run their course. That is where rejuvenation biotechnology comes in. Currently a patient with parkinsons disease costs a lot of money, and whatever we do its not going to improve his/her condition much. Rejuvenation however, would completely cure the disease, at which point it will take decades more before the person again has lost enough cells to get the symptoms for parkinsons again. At which point more effective treatments are available for less money.

Ronny Hugo Hansen Warelius.