Viser arkivet for februar, 2013

Healthcare queues.

Queues in healthcare is in the case of Norway, a sign of a healthy healthcare system. Increasing queues mean we are keeping people alive longer.
There is some confusion about how to deal with it in politics all over the world.

The healthcare system is like a dam, that slowly is filled with water from a river. Every year you have to spend X amount to keep the dam intact, and every year you must increase the size of the dam if you do not control how fast the water enters the dam. What you can do is this:
1. Decrease the amount of water that enters the dam.
2. Increase the size of the dam so it holds more water.
3. Increase the amount of water you release.
Translated to healthcare:
1. Increase research into the aging process.
2. Increase the amount of healthcare resources (beds, people etc).
3. Let more people die. This last one is obviously not an option.

For every person we put into making the dam bigger, we must put at minimum two people into decreasing the amount of water that fills the dam (rule of thumb, the real answer is a complex function).

In 2012 Norway spent 139 000 000 000 NOK keeping the dam intact. 3 000 000 000 NOK more to make the dam bigger from the previous year. But the increase in funding for stopping the dam filling up was in the millions, not billions. It is then not a surprise that the dam fills up even more, even faster, and next year we must add more billions to the dam to make it bigger.
Unless we do some serious effort into stopping the dam from filling up we will very quickly have to increase taxes for everyone, rich AND poor, and that will also just be temporary effect.
It will take a decade or two before we see any large scale benefit from research because a decade is about the time it takes to discover something new and make it into a medicine approved to be used on humans. So it is imperative that we do so right now, this instant. Because the longer we wait the more the queue will cost us, its like interest on interest.

At this point you no doubt think aging is a law of physics akin to “what goes up must come down”, but its not technically true, if you add energy to something you can have it fly continually, and never come down. Aging is chronic, you can’t remove it without changing pretty much everything, but you can treat it, you can “live with it”, as it were. You can never stop rust from occurring on a car without pretty much changing everything, but you CAN remove rust often enough for the car to never break down. Regularly fixing the damage Accumulated in the body as a result of the energy processes in the body.
If we had our bodies and brains in for regular service, lets say every decade or every other decade, then we would greatly decrease the cost of healthcare and live substantially longer (then with young capable bodies and brains, not old farts that can’t ski). But to do that we need research into how to do services on human bodies and brains, how to fix the rust, as it were.

Here is an example. They recently found out how to “do a service” so to speak, on mice, and by doing it they increased the lifespan of the mice by 24%, with just ONE service. Imagine if the services were done at regular intervals and pre-planned dates and times.
This is what we should make the goal for everyone. The medical knowledge to be able to perform regular service on human bodies and brains so that we do not rust away like some crappy car no one bothers to restore. Services that regularly removes some of the molecular damage we accumulate from ionizing radiation, metabolic functions, DNA replication etc. Tell your friends and governments.

PostScript: Check the bar at the top of the page that says “Together we can end the diseases of aging. SENS Foundation”.