People waste a lot of money on the wrong things.

People are willing to spend huge amounts of money on:
Facial creams and other cosmetics that don’t work.
Nutritional-supplements that don’t work.
Exercise regimens that don’t work.
Diets that don’t work.

Yet when someone actually needs funding for doing research which will cure aging-related diseases, all of a sudden people are so strict with their money that they don’t want to let go of a single dollar.

Yet people do spend money on other important things. They try to:
Save that African kid on the TV from Malaria and starvation.
Fund drugs against cancer.
Fund drugs against dementia (parkinsons and alzheimers).
Fund drugs against cardiovascular disease.
Fund drugs against wrinkles and limp dicks.

But at the same time if you ask them to fund rejuvenation biotechnology, they don’t give a shit. Then suddenly they’d say “well maybe you could imagine someone you would prefer dead, like Hitler”. That the kid they saved from Malaria might die of stroke or cancer at age 45 if they don’t fund rejuvenation, seems to pass by their mind.
Furthermore, rejuvenation would treat cancer, dementia, cardiovascular disease, wrinkles and limp dicks. So what they are really saying is, “Cure these things but don’t do it in the way that would be really cost-effective and medically effective”.

It would be funny if it wasn’t such a damn tragedy that millions of good people like doctors without borders in Africa will die of stroke out in the sticks while treating Malaria, because “no one” funds rejuvenation biotechnology. And a billion people live on less than 1 dollar a day until they also die from some random aging-related disease. Never having tasted the good life.

If you don’t want to be part of these people, you can do this:

Donate regularly to Sens foundation, they do research in the least funded areas of rejuvenation biotechnology where every dollar does the most. Even minor amounts regularly does something.

You could also learn more about the aging process so that you don’t have to take my bloody word for it. My understanding of the aging process was also just an abstract concept somewhat like “A clock that eventually stops so we die in our sleep”. Because there’s no mention of the aging process throughout the average education so our average knowledge about aging is the same as in the 18th century. Even though science has learnt a great deal since then, when lead was considered a medicine instead of a carcinogen.
It is unfortunate that you have to start on zero, but the aging process is probably the most important thing you could ever read about today. Not only for others, but for your own health and well-being.

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