The Eternal Confrontation with Tedium

If we cure the aging-related diseases, “What would we do with all that time?”. So here are some suggestions as to what you might do to entertain yourself.

You could start by traveling to some places worth seeing and experiencing in your home country.
For me that is Norway.
Geiranger Fjord.

The pub.

And when you’ve been everywhere nearby you can go to other countries.
And the Americans can go to *“Europe”.

When you’ve been everywhere, smelled everything, licked everything to claim it as yours, you can set out to do everything.

Mountain biking.

Alpine skiing.

Scuba Diving.

Driving fast on tracks.

Eating the local delicacies.

Partake in the local culture.

And the local football games.

Be in the olympics.

And then you can watch all the TV and movies, hear all the music, play every game, read every joke and book.
And by the time you have done all this, the world has changed so much and your brain has forgotten so much, that you can just go back and do everything again.

And if all else fails you can go cow-tipping in Grand Theft Auto forever.

Or maybe that new Teletubbie game.

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And you could always just pretend to be doing things, and miming things, and that in of itself is probably a good hour of entertainment I would think.
And maybe, you could upgrade your stereo so that your favorite songs are a new experience.

Or make a new way to communicate to amuse yourself.

You can change your clothes to something more interesting.