Separating yourself from instinct and genes is impossible.

It is a commonly held belief that as you becomes more intelligent, you manage to separate yourself from the evolutionary, irrational instincts that are hard wired. But this is impossible.
It is like trying to float on water without water.

The hardware of my body and brain dictate my behavior, if I somehow separate myself from a part of my body or brain, I lose an ability, I don’t gain an ability. If I separate myself from the genes that make me like bread I lose the ability to like bread. I do not gain some new profound intelligent ability. I will whatever I do, not like bread, the same way I don’t like to eat sand. No matter how rational it is to eat bread, I can not make myself like bread without the genes that make me like the particular features of bread.
Same goes for the genes that make us reproduce, fight, feel pride, etc. Even if we manage to rid ourselves of the reasons that make up these things, we don’t gain intelligence or wisdom, we only lose an ability to reproduce, fight, feel pride, etc.

If you wish to somehow gain a level of intelligence by separating yourself from your innate instinct then your best bet is to learn what your instincts are. Learn about what genes do what task, how you behave in behavioral economics experiments, how you have behaved previously in life, etc. If you look back and find all sorts of stupid actions and thoughts and ideas, then you must admit it. If you merely rationalize away your previous behavior as the right thing to do so much so that you would do the exact same today, then you might as well be an Alzheimers patient who read this article, forget you read it, and then you read it again, forget you read it, and then you read it again, etc. Because you will never learn from your actions and your current level of wisdom is as far as you will go on the ladder of wisdom.
I Hope you now find lots of memories of your own actions that make you facepalm so you can improve.

PS: Floating on water without water, but with air, or some other liquid or system, is not “floating on water”. I know you were thinking about cheating.

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