Doctorate in being alive.

Quality over quantity is a common expression when it comes to how long people want to live. But if the quality of life is so low being alive in itself is not enough, there may be a problem, not with what you own, what you do or what you consume, but how good you are at living, which comes from what you know.

It takes 14 years to become a neurosurgeon, after 4 years of college. So it takes 18 years to become so good at neuroscience that they trust you to use the knowledge how you see fit, to operate in someones brain. How long do you learn before you are trusted to use the knowledge how you see fit in order to decide what you want to do for a living, where you want to live, how long you want to live, who you want to live with and so forth? 18 years. How long do you think it actually takes to become as good at being alive as a neurosurgeon is at operating in your brain? I leave that to you to think about, so you can decide for yourself how much education you need/needed to become a Doctor in the scientific field of being alive.

You are what you know, so I link to the best documentary series I have found, and ask if you have ever seen someone among the best in the world in something, being bored.

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